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A Bounce House rental is one of the first and most popular inflatables in the industry. Bounce House rental provides hours of fun and entertainment for toddlers, teens, and even adults. Bounce house, also known as, jumpers, bouncers, moonwalks, moon bounces, spacewalks, jump jumps, and bouncy castles, are a great form of entertainment for any event or occasion. Some bounce house rental products contain basketball hoops inside to provide for some extra fun. If a bounce house rental is not interactive enough for your children, you can also view our bounce house combos, interactive games, and obstacle courses.

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Castle Bounce House

In the world of inflatable games, nothing is more recognizable than an inflatable castle and the Castle Bounce House from BouncyRoo is a premium version of the many varieties that exist. Participants can bounce, jump, hop, skip and run around to their heart's content. This product is made of top-quality industry vinyl and is assembled to ensure durability. The Castle Bounce House is all-enclosed with safety nets and inflatable walls. It is also approved for safety under Pennsylvania state guidelines. This bounce house is spaciously designed at 15'x15' in size and can safely accommodate up to 6 riders. Bounce houses are fun and suitable for any occasion. The Castle Bounce House is a great way to encourage healthful physical activity and provide for hours of entertainment. Be sure to satisfy guests with a Castle Bounce House at your next event! Riders: 6 Operators: 1

Horse Bounce House

Giddy-up! And get ready for a fun time in BouncyRoo's Horse bounce house. This bounce house is made for all the little girls who love ponies or the little cowboys. Saddle up and ride this Horse bounce house for hours of fun. It is attractively designed in brown and tan colors; and the Horse even has a dangling mane. This is a great rental item made with quality material to endure years of use and service. BouncyRoo's Horse is approved for safe riding under New Jersey and Pennsylvania state guidelines. Everyone can enjoy fun-filled exercise with this product. Its 15'x15'x15' frame is compact and sure to satisfy all. Be sure to include a Horse bounce house in your party stable! Riders: 6 Operators: 1

Fun House Bounce House

Introducing the Fun House bounce house, the ultimate standout in bounce house products. This bounce house is 15 feet tall and has plenty of space inside for optimum enjoyment as a 15'x15' bounce house. It is spacious enough for even taller riders. You can be assured of its safety, as it is approved under New Jersey and Pennsylvania state guidelines for amusement ride safety. Be sure to stand out with a Fun House bounce house, it is sure to attract everyone's attention. Riders 6 Operators 1

Princess Castle Bounce House

The beautiful Princess Castle is the entertainment home for all the beautiful princesses out there! This attractive pink and purple ride is wonderful for themed parties and is a great ride to get creative with role play activities. The Princess Castle offers plenty of space in a 15'x15' bounce house for up to six riders to enjoy at a time. It is compact and lightweight for easy setup and is crafted for maximum durability. Approval under Pennsylvania state guidelines ensures this ride is safe for everyone to enjoy. Even exercise is fun inside the Princess Castle!​ Riders: 6 Operators: 1

Sports Arena Bounce House

Kick off any party or event with a Sport Arena bounce house! This is a great attraction for sports lovers. This 15'x15' Sport Arena has plenty of space for up to six participants to bounce, jump, hop, skip, roll and run around to their heart's content. Like any bounce house, this one is fun and suitable for any occasion, especially sports events or sport themed parties. This unit also includes a basketball hoop for added fun. The Sport Arena is designed with digital graphics and inflatable balls representing the four more popular sports, including: football, soccer, basketball and baseball. Its quality material and assembly guarantees durability and the Sport Arena is also approved for safe use by Pennsylvania standards. It is a great item for boys and girls of all ages. Make sure to rent the Sport Arena for your next event, it is sure to satisfy!​ Riders: 6 Operators: 1

Under the Sea Bounce House

The Under the Sea bounce house is an eye-catching ride like no other. Its bright colors and vivid imagery are guaranteed to stand out everywhere, wowing everyone into staring in amazement at this beauty. The digital graphic art of this adventure features all sorts of marine life and scenery, truly engulfing riders Under the Sea. Up to six riders can safely enjoy this 15'x15' bounce house to bounce, jump, hop, skip, roll and run around to their heart's content. Under the Sea is a fun attraction that is suitable for any occasion. It is approved for safety under Pennsylvania state guidelines for amusement rides and is crafted for maximum durability using premium vinyl and assembly. Like all bounce houses, Under the Sea is a great source of entertainment and exercise for all. Be sure to get an Under the Sea adventure. It is sure to satisfy all! Riders: 6 Operators: 1

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