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Sports Arena Bounce House
Sports Arena Bonce House
Sports Arena Bonce House Sports Arena Bonce House Sports Arena Bonce House
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Size: 15'x15'x13.5'
Space Required: 20'x20'​

Sports Arena Bounce House

Kick off any party or event with a Sport Arena bounce house! This is a great attraction for sports lovers. This 15'x15' Sport Arena has plenty of space for up to six participants to bounce, jump, hop, skip, roll and run around to their heart's content. Like any bounce house, this one is fun and suitable for any occasion, especially sports events or sport themed parties. This unit also includes a basketball hoop for added fun. The Sport Arena is designed with digital graphics and inflatable balls representing the four more popular sports, including: football, soccer, basketball and baseball. Its quality material and assembly guarantees durability and the Sport Arena is also approved for safe use by Pennsylvania standards. It is a great item for boys and girls of all ages. Make sure to rent the Sport Arena for your next event, it is sure to satisfy!​ Riders: 6 Operators: 1


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