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Horse Bounce House
Horse Bounce House
Horse Bounce House Horse Bounce House
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Size: 15'x15'x15'
Space Required: 20'x20'x20'

Horse Bounce House

Giddy-up! And get ready for a fun time in BouncyRoo's Horse bounce house. This bounce house is made for all the little girls who love ponies or the little cowboys. Saddle up and ride this Horse bounce house for hours of fun. It is attractively designed in brown and tan colors; and the Horse even has a dangling mane. This is a great rental item made with quality material to endure years of use and service. BouncyRoo's Horse is approved for safe riding under New Jersey and Pennsylvania state guidelines. Everyone can enjoy fun-filled exercise with this product. Its 15'x15'x15' frame is compact and sure to satisfy all. Be sure to include a Horse bounce house in your party stable! Riders: 6 Operators: 1


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