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Bounce Houses
Toddler Bounce House
Toddler Bounce House
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Size: 10'x10'x8'
Space Required: 15'x15'​

Toddler Bounce House

This unit is great for toddlers and for indoor locations. Whether a low ceiling is the problem or if you are just concerned about the weather conditions outside, this Toddler Unit will serve as the solution. At only eight feet high, this product is designed to fit in low-clearance areas. This makes it perfect for renting during colder, wetter seasons for indoor use; for use at indoor centers limited in ceiling space; or for use in one's own home, in the garage or even in the play room. As a 10'x10' bounce house, up to four people can enjoy this ride at a time. The Toddler Indoor Unit is approved for safety under New Jersey and Pennsylvania state guidelines and is crafted for maximum durability. Do not let the shorter size fool you, this Toddler Unit delivers all the fun and excitement any other bounce house would. It is great for any occasion! Riders: 4 Operators: 1


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