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Inflatabale Combo rentals provide extra fun and excitement with a combination of features that include a bouncing area, climber, slide and a basketball hoop . These inflatable combos are good for all types of events and occasions. Inflatable combos are more affordable than renting both a bounce house and an inflatable slide. Inflatable combos provide multiple features for children, teens, and adults to enjoy inside of one single unit. We have different of sizes to choose from. Our Lite Combos are designed for the younger ages, the Dual Slide Combos for the younger to early teens, and Large Combos for the teens to adults.

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Dual Fun House Combo

While most combo rides include a smaller 13'x13' or 10'x10' bounce houses, this product delivers with a large 15'x15' bounce house in the Dual Fun House Combo. This product is designed to maximize the capacity for fun at all events. With a larger jumping area and two exit slides, the Dual Fun House Combo doubles the fun that competitors offer and is a definite crowd pleaser. To add to the fun, there is a basketball hoop included. Even with all that the Dual Fun House Combo offers, it still includes a full sized bouncing mattress to maximize jump quality while others sacrifice it to achieve lighter weight. The Dual Fun House Combo features the same mattress thickness that makes regular bounce houses so much fun. All this fun is safety ensured by New Jersey and Pennsylvania state safety guidelines for amusement rides. It is a safe way to enjoy healthy physical activity. The Dual Fun House Combo is a premium product made to satisfy all parties and amusement preferences. Slide platform height: 6 feet. Riders: 7 Operators: 1

Large Sports Combo

The Large Sports Combo has a 10'x10' bouncer with a basketball hoop and an 8.5-foot tall climb and slide. It features a separate entrance and exit room for ease of cycling through riders. The sports arena design is popular with sports enthusiasts and is an excellent choice for all sporting events. The Large Sports Combo from BouncyRoo is made with all major sports in mind. As a fully enclosed ride with fine mesh nets to keep the sun out and fingers from getting tangled, the Large Sports Combo is a safe bet for amusement at all events. It is approved for safety under strict Pennsylvania and New Jersey state guidelines. The material used to make this product is premium quality industry vinyl to ensure durability and proper functionality. The Large Sports Combo is great for outdoor events that welcome large crowds and also fits well into indoor play centers that offer themed attractions. The Large Sports Combo is a crowd pleaser wherever it is featured, be sure to enjoy its popularity! Slide platform height: 8.5 feet. Riders: 7 Operators: 1

EZ Sports 4 in 1 Combo

The EZ Sports Combo is decorated as a sports arena and features decoration for four major sports. It is sure to have a little something for every athlete to enjoy. This ride is a great alternative to simple bounce house inflatables. Along with a 13'x13' bounce house that includes a basketball hoop for extra fun activity, the EZ Sports Combo is fitted with a 6-foot tall exit slide. The slide is now taller than previous versions and has such safety features as taller side walls on the slide and a stopper tube at the end. The EZ Sports Combo is made with top quality 18 ounce vinyl that is durable enough to endure years of use and service without fail. The EZ Sports Combo is an entertaining way for young and old alike to enjoy physical activity; furthermore, participants can do so without worry. This ride is approved for amusement ride safety by New Jersey and Pennsylvania state guidelines. Be ready with a EZ Sports Combo for any season opener. Slide Platform Height: 6 feet. Riders: 5 Operators: 1

Tropical 4 in 1 Combo

Life is a beach when you invite a EZ Tropical Combo amusement ride to your party! Attractively designed with a green, yellow and brown tropical color theme and palm trees, this ride is sure to bring a cool breeze of enjoyment to any event. The ride consists of a 13'x13' bounce house with a basketball hoop and ends with a 6-foot tall slide out to the side. The material is top-quality 18 ounce industry vinyl that ensures durable for years of use and service. Bring an island feel with this ride. Everyone is sure to enjoy it! The EZ Tropical Combo offers a fun way for everyone to enjoy hours of entertainment and even physical activity. Safety is also guaranteed with this ride, as it is approved for amusement ride safety under strict New Jersey and Pennsylvania standards. The EZ Tropical Combo is sure to stand out at parties and events at homes, parks and indoor play centers alike. Be sure to take advantage of this ride as it is a popular one that customers love. Slide platform height: 6 feet. Riders: 5 Operators: 1

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