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Inflatable Combos
Dual Castle Combo
Dual Castle Combo
Dual Castle Combo Dual Castle Combo Dual Castle Combo Dual Castle Combo Dual Castle Combo
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Size: 23'x15'x15'
Space Required: 28x20'‚Äč

Dual Castle Combo

While most combo rides include a smaller 13'x13' or 10'x10' bounce houses, this product delivers with a large 15'x15' bounce house in the Dual Castle Combo. This product is designed to maximize the capacity for fun at all events. With a larger jumping area and two exit slides, the Dual Castle Combo doubles the fun that competitors offer and is a definite crowd pleaser. To add to the fun, there is a basketball hoop included. Even with all that the Dual Castle Combo offers, it still includes a full sized bouncing mattress to maximize jump quality while others sacrifice it to achieve lighter weight. The Dual Castle Combo features the same mattress thickness that makes regular bounce houses so much fun. All this fun is safety ensured by New Jersey and Pennsylvania state safety guidelines for amusement rides. It is a safe way to enjoy healthy physical activity. The Dual Castle Combo is a premium product made to satisfy all parties and amusement preferences. Slide platform height: 6 feet. Riders: 7 Operators: 1


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