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Inflatable Combos
EZ Sports 4 in 1 Combo
EZ Sports 4 in 1 Combo
EZ Sports 4 in 1 Combo EZ Sports 4 in 1 Combo EZ Sports 4 in 1 Combo
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Size: 21'x13'x14'
Space Required: 26x18'​

EZ Sports 4 in 1 Combo

The EZ Sports Combo is decorated as a sports arena and features decoration for four major sports. It is sure to have a little something for every athlete to enjoy. This ride is a great alternative to simple bounce house inflatables. Along with a 13'x13' bounce house that includes a basketball hoop for extra fun activity, the EZ Sports Combo is fitted with a 6-foot tall exit slide. The slide is now taller than previous versions and has such safety features as taller side walls on the slide and a stopper tube at the end. The EZ Sports Combo is made with top quality 18 ounce vinyl that is durable enough to endure years of use and service without fail. The EZ Sports Combo is an entertaining way for young and old alike to enjoy physical activity; furthermore, participants can do so without worry. This ride is approved for amusement ride safety by New Jersey and Pennsylvania state guidelines. Be ready with a EZ Sports Combo for any season opener. Slide Platform Height: 6 feet. Riders: 5 Operators: 1


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