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6 in 1 Medieval Combo Dry
6 in 1 Medieval Combo Dry
6 in 1 Medieval Combo Dry 6 in 1 Medieval Combo Dry 6 in 1 Medieval Combo Dry
Product Details
Size: 16'L x 16'W x 13'H
Space Required: 21'L x 21'W x 13'H

6 in 1 Medieval Combo Dry

New for 2018 is BouncyRoo’s very first 6-in-1 Combo unit. With a castle-like design and royal blue & silver color theme, this 6-in-1 Medieval Combo Wet or Dry provides a medieval feel and an attractive twist on the traditional Castle bounce house design. This Wet or Dry combo ride features six different obstacles activities: (1) a bigger bouncing area; (2) a basketball hoop; (3) inflated push-through, obstacle pop-ups; (4) a wall climber; (5) a “high platform” wet or dry slide; and (6) a removable pool/landing for wet use. The new 6-in-1 features a space saving design with more play features. With its unique design, the 6-in-1 is compact and lightweight for easy setup and cleanup, and boasts many safety features that are missing in many competitor’s water combos, such as non-slip material and patent pending hidden stoppers. A compact, but fun filled inflatable combo that is sure to be good for all ages. 6 in 1 Combo dry dimensions: 16'L x 16'W x 13'H Slide platform height: 8 feet


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