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Inflatable slides will provide hours of thrilling good time for any event. All of our inflatable slides are practically new inflatables, fully cleaned, and follow all industry safety standards. You can rent inflatable slides online through our Instant Price and Availability box on the left or by calling us at (866) 989-JUMP.

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18 Foot Inflatable Slide

Our 18 Foot Inflatable Slide is a hit for all events! The 18 Foot Inflatable Slide is a standout ride with an eye-catching color pattern. At 18 feet, it stands as a relatively tall slide with an 11 foot tall slide platform angled at 40 degrees for tons of sliding fun. The 18 Foot Inflatable Slide allows riders to climb up and enjoy the slide without worry of safety. This slide is an upgrade in safety from other slides as it includes an inflated safety bumper at the end of the slide along with a netted top and high side walls. Safe fun is a fixture of all BouncyRoo rentals. The 18 Foot Inflatable Slide is designed with compact features to ensure it fits in most backyards. Top quality vinyl and assembly have ensured that this slide is approved by both Pennsylvania and New Jersey state guidelines for amusement ride safety. Find out why the 18 Foot Inflatable Slide has satisfied so many already! Slide Platform Height: 11 Feet Slide Angle: 40 Degrees​ Riders: 2 Operators: 1​

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