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Obstacle Courses for rent are perfect for sporting, competitive, and corporate events that have a lot of participants. Rent an obstacle course today and let your guests see whose the fastest of the bunch! You can rent obstacle courses online through our Instant Price and Availability box on the left or by calling us at (866) 989-JUMP.

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45 Foot Bounce House Obstacle Course

The 45' Bounce House Obstacle Course combines two of the most popular inflatable actions, bouncing around and racing one another, into one inflatable ride. The 45 foot long Bounce House Obstacle is a good sized inflatable for riders to enjoy both a spacious 13'x13' bouncing area, along with a well sized 32 foot long obstacle course. Riders first enter the bounce house where they have can bounce around and have a good time. From the bouncer riders can hop over to the obstacle course and race one another through the popups, crawl throughs, and finally finish off on the climber and slide. A great inflatable that combines both components in one in a safe and fun manner. Great for almost all ages and a generic design makes it suitable for all events and occasions. Slide platform height: 7 feet Blowers 2 Pieces 2 Operators 1 Riders 5

40 Foot Obstacle Course

BouncyRoo's 40 Foot Obstacle Course is essentially the bigger version of its more compact 32' Obstacle Course. Just like the smaller course, the 40 Foot Obstacle Course welcomes its challengers with two portal-like entrances to crawl through into each lane. From there it is a race to the finish for each participant as they push through vertical and horizontal hurdles, dive and crawl through the floor tunnels, climb up the wall and slide down to the finish. The addition of the tunnels on this model makes the challenge a little more exciting. This 40 foot long obstacle course is perfect for larger events, as it provides extended fun without compromising wait time for eager challengers awaiting their turn. This jumper is also traditionally manufactured in red, blue and yellow theme. With increasing demand in inflatable obstacle course games, the 40 Foot Obstacle Course is a must have for your event. Its two piece assembly makes for easy setup and cleanup. Obstacle courses are always a fun way to promote physical activity and this ride delivers 40 feet of it each time through. Since participants always want one more go at it, the 40 Foot Obstacle Course is designed to withstand the most rigorous challenger. Its sturdy, durable design is also TC approved in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for safety regulations. The 40 Foot Obstacle Course is sure to satisfy the competitive urge in everyone. Slide platform height: 8.5 feet. Blowers: 2. Pieces: 2. Operators 2. Riders 4.

35 Foot H2Obstacle Course Dry

The 35' H2Obstacle Course is a newer addition to the slide family and the first safe WATER obstacle course. This fun and unique water slide obstacle course is a combination of two categories of inflatable rides everyone loves and enjoys. Riders will go through countless obstacles and popups, climb up a tall climber and down the slide into a pool. A water mister sprays the riders as they slide down into the splash zone. Riders get to cool down and compete one another in a fun and safe inflatable ride. The unique non-slip surface offers riders a safe and fun challenge while racing through the different obstacles. Water Slide Combos without a special non-slip surface are not safe to use and should not be used with water, but the special non-slip material makes it safe and worry free. This 35 H2Obstacle Course is a great obstacle course you can use for carnivals and festivals, along with a water slide for those hot Summer days. Slide platform height: 8 feet Blowers 1 Pieces 1 Operators 1 Riders 2

32 Foot Obstacle Course

This inflatable play structure is a compact 32 feet long and provides tons of fun along its path. The 32 Foot Obstacle Course challenges participants with crawl-through tunnels, a wall of inflated columns to push through followed by a similar horizontal challenge. Once cleared through the obstacles, The 32 Foot Obstacle Course opens up for a race up the climbing wall and ensuing slide down to the finish. The red, blue and yellow themed jumper is sure to stand out at any backyard party as a major attraction for attendees. The 32 Foot Obstacle Course is an open air structure to allow comfortable play space for all. The features of the structure provide participants with a fun environment to build on physical activity, healthy competition and maneuvering agility. The 32 Foot Obstacle Course is made of top quality vinyl for durability and is designed with safety in mind. A quality selection for any event, the 32 Foot Obstacle Course is sure to satisfy. Slide platform height: 8 feet. Blowers: 1. Pieces: 1. Operators: 1​ Riders: 2

30 Foot Obstacle Course

The 30’ Obstacle Challenge. This inflatable play structure has a bright and colorful theme of yellow, red and blue. The 30’ Obstacle Challenge is set up for friendly competition play, with dual entrances and exits. This impressive structure measures over 12 feet tall, and features mesh sides for easy viewing from beginning to end. This inflatable is ideal for family entertainment centers, corporate events or backyard parties. The inflatable play structure has a round front-loading obstacle entrance, taking participants over climbs and down slides, through maneuvering pop-ups, then ends with a photo-finish pair of tunnels for exciting race from start to finish. Fun for all ages! The maximum weight per person is 200 lbs.

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