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Cool off from the heat with these fun and exciting inflatable water slides. Rent a water slide or slip and slide for your next water or summer themed party today. You can rent water slides online through our Instant Price and Availability box on the left, through the Live Chat Support on the right, or by calling us at (866) 989-JUMP.

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Big Kahuna Water Slide

The Big Kahuna is one of the most popular slides in our slide family! Come along and slide down this fantastic 19' inflatable ride! The Big Kahuna Slide can be used as a dry slide and a water slide. The eleven-foot tall slide platform is covered with a safety netting to prevent jumping and the slide is protected with high inflatable walls and bumpers. It has a 6-inch deep splash zone at the end of the slide which makes for a fun exit. It's flexibility allows you to use it both indoors and out and at private parties or public events. Slide Platform Height: 11 Feet Riders: 2 Operators: 1​

17 Foot Flamin' Wave Dual Slide

Our 17 Foot Flamin' Wave Dual Slide is a newer additions to our slide family. Many days and weeks of research and development have gone into designing this beautiful slide. The slide features a easy-to-use water misting system that you will not have to remove and install or constantly re-adjust. The climbing area, top landing platform, and other areas feature a unique non-slip material for a safer experience when being used as a water slide. The 17 Wave Dual Slide has a landing pad with a raised wall for safety and to prevent water from splashing out. Drain flaps at the bottom corners allow for easy removal of any water that may get trapped inside the inflatable The 17' Flamin' Wave Dual Slide can be used as a dry slide. The 17 Flamin' Wave Dual Dry Slide features a unique stopper that will assist riders to come to a safe stop. Slide platform height: 9 feet Operators 1 Riders 2

35 Foot H2Obstacle Course Wet

The 35' H2Obstacle Course is a newer addition to the slide family and the first safe WATER obstacle course. This fun and unique water slide obstacle course is a combination of two categories of inflatable rides everyone loves and enjoys. Riders will go through countless obstacles and popups, climb up a tall climber and down the slide into a pool. A water mister sprays the riders as they slide down into the splash zone. Riders get to cool down and compete one another in a fun and safe inflatable ride. The unique non-slip surface offers riders a safe and fun challenge while racing through the different obstacles. Water Slide Combos without a special non-slip surface are not safe to use and should not be used with water, but the special non-slip material makes it safe and worry free. This 35 H2Obstacle Course is a great obstacle course you can use for carnivals and festivals, along with a water slide for those hot Summer days. Slide platform height: 8 feet Blowers 1 Pieces 1 Operators 1 Riders 2

6 in 1 Medieval Combo Wet

New for 2018 is BouncyRoo’s very first 6-in-1 Combo unit. With a castle-like design and royal blue & silver color theme, this 6-in-1 Medieval Combo Wet or Dry provides a medieval feel and an attractive twist on the traditional Castle bounce house design. This Wet or Dry combo ride features six different obstacles activities: (1) a bigger bouncing area; (2) a basketball hoop; (3) inflated push-through, obstacle pop-ups; (4) a wall climber; (5) a “high platform” wet or dry slide; and (6) a removable pool/landing for wet use. The new 6-in-1 features a space saving design with more play features. With its unique design, the 6-in-1 is compact and lightweight for easy setup and cleanup, and boasts many safety features that are missing in many competitor’s water combos, such as non-slip material and patent pending hidden stoppers. A compact, but fun filled inflatable combo that is sure to be good for all ages. 6 in 1 Combo dry dimensions: 16'L x 16'W x 13'H Slide platform height: 8 feet

Slide N Splash

The Slide N Splash water slide is popular to cool off during the heat! For a great way to enjoy cooling off and having fun outdoors in the sun, there is nothing more popular than a simple Slide N Splash. With BouncyRoo, simple certainly does not translate to boring. The Slide N Splash is BouncyRoo's inflatable version of the classic Slip 'N Slide. This ride is a 33 foot long wet slide equipped with inflatable walls on either side and a bumper at the end for optimum safety for sliders. Sliders run and jump headfirst into the slide and speed beneath the rainbow archways toward the end, which opens to the side as an exit. The Slide N Splash is approved for safety under New Jersey and Pennsylvania state guidelines for amusement ride safety. Everyone can enjoy this ride without worry. The Slide N Splash is a classic fixture of wet and wild fun that is sure to satisfy. The slick surface of the Slide N Splash is sure to make for a fun time at any party or outdoor event. It is an excellent ride to feature at smaller and larger events alike. Whether child or adult, sliders will be having an amazing time with the Slide N Splash providing entertainment at their party. Reserve now since this is a very popular ride! Slide Length: 33 Feet Riders: 1 Operators: 1

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