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Water Slides
Slide N Splash
Slide N Splash Water Slide
Slide N Splash Water Slide Slide N Splash Water Slide Slide N Splash Water Slide
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Size: 33'x8'x8'
Space Required: 38'x13'​

Slide N Splash

The Slide N Splash water slide is popular to cool off during the heat! For a great way to enjoy cooling off and having fun outdoors in the sun, there is nothing more popular than a simple Slide N Splash. With BouncyRoo, simple certainly does not translate to boring. The Slide N Splash is BouncyRoo's inflatable version of the classic Slip 'N Slide. This ride is a 33 foot long wet slide equipped with inflatable walls on either side and a bumper at the end for optimum safety for sliders. Sliders run and jump headfirst into the slide and speed beneath the rainbow archways toward the end, which opens to the side as an exit. The Slide N Splash is approved for safety under New Jersey and Pennsylvania state guidelines for amusement ride safety. Everyone can enjoy this ride without worry. The Slide N Splash is a classic fixture of wet and wild fun that is sure to satisfy. The slick surface of the Slide N Splash is sure to make for a fun time at any party or outdoor event. It is an excellent ride to feature at smaller and larger events alike. Whether child or adult, sliders will be having an amazing time with the Slide N Splash providing entertainment at their party. Reserve now since this is a very popular ride! Slide Length: 33 Feet Riders: 1 Operators: 1


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